The Committee on Schools was set up in 2010 in order to create a meeting point between the science dissemination activities offered by the universities and research institutions and the dissemination requirements of local schools. The Committee's aim is to enable local students to benefit from the excellence in science and in the humanities available in Trieste.

Please find below information on what some research institutions have offered in terms of collaborative projects with schools, both by opening their doors and labs to students and teachers and by sending their researchers and disseminators inside the classroom.

1. ICTP – Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics

Strada Costiera, 11
34151 Trieste


Contact person for science dissemination activities
Ms Mary Ann Williams
Public Information Officer,
Tel. 040 2240 603 / 564


  • Guided tours to the Centre. Participating schools so far: Liceo di Västerås - Sweden (3 visits), Liceo Scientifico di Fano (Pesaro-Urbino, Italy), Liceo Scientifico di Tolmezzo (Udine, Italy), Liceo Scientifico Statale G. Salvemini, Bari, Istituto Tecnico Alessandro Volta, Sassuolo (Modena, Italy), Istituto Tecnico Alessandro Volta, TriesteScuola Primaria Umberto Saba (Trieste, Italy).
  • “Street scientists”, 2010. Confereces by Prof. Sandro Scandolo on the physics of planets at Liceo Petrarca and Liceo Galilei; conference by Prof. Sandro Scandolo o science and development at Liceo Scientifico Le Filandiere, S. Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone, Italy); conference by Prof. Abdelkrim Aoudia on earthquakes at Liceo Scientifico di Tolmezzo (Udine, Italy).
  • Training sessions.In 2011 the following 2-hour lessons were held by ICTP scientists at Scuola media Addobbati-Brunner: Fred Kucharski: Climate quirks, Riccardo Farneti: The abysses of the oceans, Mariangela Guidarelli: Earthquakes, Daria Zandomeneghi: Volcanoes, Adrian Tompkins: Metereological models.

2. AREA Science Park

Padriciano 99


Contact person for science dissemination activities
Ms. Grazia Dall’Acqua
Tel. 040.3755140


  • Guided tours and training sessions for elementary schools and high schools in Trieste and for educational institutions located throughout Italy.
  • Entrepreneurship lectures and laboratories on sustainability. These initiatives have been organised within the framework of European projects on the following:
    • competitions and conferences for high school students on energy savings;
    • guided tours to the laboratories of the two campuses at Area Science Park (located in Padriciano and Basovizza on the outskirts of Trieste);
    • educational activities in the classroom, out-of-doors, in 3D (in the science park's virtual reality visitor's room) and online educational games (main subjects: renewable energy sources, waste, nanotechnologies, genetics, karstification);
    • presentation of the Enerplan project within the framework of the Barcolana 2010 sailing competition;
    • School drawings competition “Trieste 100 years from now – the city of the future”;
    • Visit to the science park in the course of the Summer School on Modern Physics promoted by the university of Udine;
    • Educational tour for the project “LIDEA - Laboratorio e Impianto Dimostrativo sull’Energia Alternativa” (Laboratory and Demostration Plant on Alternative Energy).

3. Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste

S.S. 14 km 163,5 in Area Science Park
34149 Basovizza, Trieste, Italia



  • We are happy to host group visits and school trips, to whom we offer free guided tours of the Laboratory.
    Tours must be booked at least two weeks in advance through the on-line request form.
    The booking will be confirmed by e-mail depending on availability in the visits calendar.
    Here you will find details for booking:

4. Conservatorio "Giuseppe Tartini"

Via Ghega, 12 – 34132 Trieste

Contact person for dissemination activities

Paola La Raja
cell. 3385438515


  • “The instrument I want...” a project to listen to, get to know and choose a musical instrument.
  • Guided tours for elementary schools and high schools in Trieste.
  • STAVE – five meetings on music and words, a series of five musical meetings with famous figures on the musical, artistic and literary scene.
  • Music @ School: 12 + 1 concert-lessons, a project to awaken youngsters to the pleasure and importance of musical practice, to promote greater familiarity with Trieste's conservatory, to facilitate orienteering for students in favour of musical study opportunities in collaboration with local Musical State Schools (five musical junior high schools and one musical high school)
  • Series of concert-lessons to get to know wind instruments in elementary schools, high schools and after-school facilities in Trieste.

5. INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste

Via G.B. Tiepolo 11, 34143 Trieste

Contact person for science dissemination activities

Massimo Ramella
Telefono 040.3199140
cell. 329.9527134


  • Observations of the sky:
    • virtual, with PCs
    • real, with a telescope, in the observatory's interactive laboratory (Esploracosmo).
    • project The Stars Go to School.
    For further information please visit the website specifically dedicated to schools
  • Educational modules of the project Virtual Observatory, developed in collaboration with school teachers (Liceo Scientifico Galilei, Scuola Media Codermatz, Scuola Media Corsi in Trieste)
  • Italian Astronomy Olympics (preselection and regional phases)
  • Participation in the exhibition LearningByExperimenting (Pordenone, Italy).

6. INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

Via Valerio, 2 I - 34127 Trieste
Padriciano, 99 I - 34149 Trieste



  • Visits to laboratories:
    • presentation of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics
    • guide tour to the "Particles Corridor"
    • entrance to top-notch laboratories
  • Seminars:
    • The physics of the infinitely small
    • Elelementary particles of cosmic origin and their mysteries
    • Research methods in particle physics: how one can see the invisible in fisica delle particelle; ovvero come vedere l'invisibile

7. OGS - Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale

Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/c, 34010 SGONICO (TS)

Contact person for science dissemination activities

Telefono 040 2140231


  • Guided tours to the OGS for teachers and students are difficult to implement owing to the lack of adequate premises. Available alternatives include Civil Protection lessons for junior high school students and Summer Schools at the Biological Oceanography Department.
  • The institute is willing to send its researchers out to deliver lectures in schools interested in learning about oceanography and geophysics, with particular reference to earthquakes by the Department Centre for Seismological Research.
  • Conventions have been established with some schools in order to carry out brief internships and/or training programmes, some of which have been renewed in the school year 2011/2012 (Liceo Scientifico Magrini, Udine, Liceo Pedagogico Slomsek, Trieste, Liceo Scientifico Galilei, Trieste, IPSIA Galvani, Trieste)

8. Università degli Studi di Trieste

Piazzale Europa 1
34127 Trieste

Rector’s delegate for science dissemination
Enrico Tongiorgi

Contact person for science dissemination activities
Francesca Tosoni


  • The University of Trieste offers an extensive selection of educational and outreach activities for students (lab work, summer schools, specialised seminars, etc.), as well as for lifelong learning activities targeted to teachers and the general public. The university online catalogue of educational and dissemination activities is freely available (in Italian) on